Marriage Conflict Stories That Could Happen to Anyone

Have you ever felt bad after taking a decision regarding a matter that you knew would bring fruits for you? Quite a complicated question isn’t it? Let me put this straight infront of you by telling you about an experience.

The right side of my body got burnt badly which changed my life forever. Right portion of my face was badly burnt and technically there was no skin left for the hair to grow.

A Doctor Can Help?

The doctor after carefully examining the surgery which was done by him on my face he said there was a new laser treatment which was going to solve my problem. I said no to it, like straight up. I just didn’t know why I said no. evne though it was entirely my decision, I still felt guilty inside thinking why had I said no?

I consulted my psychiatrist later regarding this feeling to which she explained that such a phenomena is called conflict of interest. One site, meister counseling, suggest that the human mind is very complicated at times for which decisions are taken impulsively without a second thought leads to dissatisfaction.

Another Point of View

On the other hand neing headstrong about the decision. It is hard to find out what will be the interest for that person for taking a decision? While deep down is it something entirely different which the person can never hope to achieve. Human mind is still very sketchy and complicated each of us reacting to similar situations but differently. This difference in our decision making eventually shapes our future differently.

If I have had decided to act under the doctor’s recommendation, right now the right portion of my face would’ve had looked better. I accepted the fact already that no matter what I do withmy face, I was never going to look normal, there will be the presence of slightest mark which will continuously remind me that my face no longer looked normal, it was carved with my skin but growing at a different rate than the other cells.

TMT says that, that exact abnormality might have had drove me insane, for which I decided to say no. on top of that, my wife and my children got used to my condition and kept loving me the same way they always have. Rather I saved the money for our future’s growth. Well, this is conflict of interest and I am sure at least you have come across such feelings.